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Garage Door Opener


Your automatic garage door opener is one of your home’s most convenient features, and WA Garage Door’s trained technicians are here to make sure that it keeps working correctly for years to come. We have over 25 years of experience working with industry leading brands and providing Seattle’s best customer experience. Our technicians are prepared with the latest equipment and are available to you around the clock for onsite repairs, and to help with any questions or problems that might arise.
Sometimes what appears to be a dire situation with a garage door is simply a hiccup with the garage door opener, the small keypad, or wireless remote that controls your automatic garage door from the outside.

Wireless Garage Door Openers Types:

  1. One button: One button remotes are perfect for homes with one or two car garages. They are the easiest to use with only one button that you press to go both up and down.
  2. Multi-button: Remotes with more than one button are useful for homes with more than one garage door. Each button controls a specific door, which consumers can differentiate by programming the door and the remote.
  3. Miniature: Wireless technology has advanced to the point that there are remotes small enough to fit on key chains. These are great for homes with lots of people on the go.

Remote Safety and Security:
Kirkland Garage Door RemoteGarage door openers are not a toy, and it is recommended that you always keep them away from small children, particularly in Steilacoom, WA, which has a higher than average percentage of children under the age of 18 in households. Warn children of the hazards of playing with a garage door. When you are not using your remote, keep it locked up for the safety of your children as well as to keep potential home invaders from accessing your home via your garage.
One technique that thieves are known to use is the “recording” of your remote’s signal. It is recommended that to prevent this you use a rolling code. A rolling code is a code that changes after each use, and it cripples potential thieves looking to gain entry to your home via a recorded garage door code. Crime in the Seattle area is increasing, especially in the Seattle suburb of Lynnwood. It is recommended that anyone living in a high crime area be extra vigilant when it comes to his or her garage door opener.
Common Garage Door Opener Malfunctions:

  1. Tacoma Garage Door Opener1. Dead Battery- As with all battery-powered devices, it is important that your garage door opener have plenty of juice when you go to operate it. If your door is not opening and you think it might be the battery, simply remove the old batteries and insert a new set. If the new batteries do not return the door to working condition, it is a different issue.
  2. Interference from your Neighbors- No, they’re not doing it on purpose, but your neighbors may be causing your automatic door opener to malfunction. There are dials within the remote control as well as the opener itself; these dials must be tuned to the same unique frequency. If your neighbors have the same frequency, their remote may open your doors and vice versa.
  3. Compromised Motherboard- Your remote is a delicate piece of machinery that is far more complex than it seems. If the motherboard within the remote has been damaged by age, water, faulty batteries, or any of a number of other problems, it may be time to replace the entire remote.

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