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Garage Door Repair Kirkland


Have you ever pressed the button on your garage door remote or on your wall only to have nothing happen and your door stay shut? As one of the most common problems found in automatic garage doors, WA Garage Doors and Gates has over 25 years of experience fixing malfunctioning garage door openers. You can reach our friendly customer service line 24/7, which means even if your door doesn’t open at midnight, you can still call WA Garage Doors and Gates! Fast response and expert technicians are the pride of WA Garage Doors and Gates. No matter what time your garage door opener malfunctions, WA Garage Doors and Gates will be here to take your call. When we do service your garage door opener, our licensed, bonded, and trained technicians will use the latest equipment to get your garage door functioning normal again. How do I fix my garage door opener? Garage Door Opener Repair Kirkland WashingtonThe professional experts of WA Garage Doors and Gates suggests performing these simple tasks if your garage door opener is not working properly. These steps are simple enough that even the 7.6% of Kirkland households with no husband present can execute them:

  • Check Garage Door Plug

Make sure your opener is plugged into the wall and the outlet is working.

  • Check Garage Door Lock

Is your lock feature set to on? Consult your owner’s manual to check this option.

  • Turn Garage Door Opener on and Off

Sometimes unplugging and plugging in your garage door opener can reset the sensor.

  • Replace Garage Door Opener Batteries

Did you know dead batteries are the most common reason for a malfunctioning garage door opener?

  • Reprogram Garage Door Remote

Your owner’s manual should explain how your garage door remote can be reprogrammed.

  • Check Garage Door Beam

Is your beam sensor plugged into a working outlet as well?

  • Clean Garage Door Sensor

If your garage door sensor gets dusty, clean it carefully with a wet cloth. A dirty sensor can block the signal to your motor.

  • Check Garage Door Chain

A broken or loose garage door chain may be impeding the movement of your garage door. Washington Malfunctioning Garage Door in KirklandWe are now serving the city of Kirkland with our local technicians. WA Garage Doors and Gates repairs all kind of gates and garage doors in the The city of Kirkland. Our customers always say the  last thing they want to find when they come home is a  garage door that won’t open or to wake up in the morning and not be able to leave for work because your garage door needs repair. If you’re looking to get the highest quality parts for your garage door or gates and the experienced friendly technicians in Kirkland and the surrounding area it’s time to call WA Garage Doors and Gates. History of Garage Door Openers Garage doors have been in existence since 450 BC, when chariots were stored in gatehouses. Over the years, garage doors have evolved, with the most prominent change being the invention of the automatic garage door. No longer would one have to get out of their car to manually open or close their garage door, and what a relief that is to the 24.6% of Kirkland households that had children living with them in 2010 under the age of 18. It was in 1921 that the overhead garage door was invented; with the first electric garage door opener successfully installed five years later in 1926, nearly 50 years after Kirkland was founded in 1888. Residents of Kirkland and King County can rest easily knowing that WA Garage Doors and Gates are experts at fixing automatic garage door openers in a moment’s notice. Other Garage Door Services in Kirkland, WA Repair Garage Door in Kirkland WashingtonAlong with fixing your garage door opener, WA Garage Doors and Gates will also be happy to service other parts of your garage, including:

  • Installation (Commercial or Automatic)
  • Garage Door Evaluation
  • Garage Door Lubrication & Cleaning
  • Garage Door Repair Services

o   Off Track Garage Door o   Broken Springs o   Garage Door Snapped Cable o   Garage Door Panel Repair (Damaged or Missing) If you’re worried about the cost, WA Garage Doors and Gates offers free estimates on all of our garage door services. Put your mind at ease when you choose to work with WA Garage Doors and Gates, the most trusted and reliable garage door company in Washington.


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