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Garage Doors Off Track


If your garage door comes off tracks, it’s time to call WA Garage Door and Gates. Our trained local technicians are here for you 24/7 with the latest equipment and 25+ years of experience to count on. We deal with all of the leading brands and only employ the best professionals to ensure that your garage door- and life- gets back on track as quickly and safely as possible.

Kent Garage Doors Off TrackIf your garage door is off track, it is of paramount importance that you stop attempting to operate the door. Failure to do so can lead to serious damage to your garage door and a potentially hazardous situation for you and your family.
Your garage door tracks can lose their anchoring on the wall they are attached to and the door can become derailed and literally ripped from the wall. The extremely heavy equipment can easily fall to the ground, endangering anyone in the vicinity, and possibly breaking in the process.

Common Reasons for the Garage Door to go Off Track

  • Tracks Dented or Misaligned
    When garage door tracks become damaged, dents render the tracks too loose or too tight, and the tracks are no longer able to guide the door properly. Similarly to when it is dented, a misaligned track poses a serious safety risk if not quickly handled. When a garage door track is not straight, the door cannot glide up and down safely and smoothly, possibly leading to stuck doors or even derailment.
  • Dirty Tracks
    Easily the most preventable cause on this list, dirty tracks cause garage doors to glide unevenly on the tracks. Dirt, sand, grit and mud are all very common contaminants, especially in and around the Kirkland, WA and Northwest University area. The climate of Kirkland is especially prone to dampness and airborne contaminants. It is recommended that you keep your garage clean and well swept at all times to prevent a potentially dangerous buildup of sediment on your tracks.
  • Loose Parts
    Part of the very regular maintenance needed to ensure that your garage door stays safely nestled in its track includes always keeping an eye out for parts in need of tightening or replacement. For safety, it is recommended to check that the tracks are properly anchored to the wall. If not, tighten them and make sure they are very secure.

Bellevue Garage Doors Off TrackOnce WA Garage doors and gates trained technicians repair the tracks, and make sure they are perfectly straight again, they will function much more efficiently and your risk of a derailment will be significantly reduced. It is also very important to ensure that your garage door tracks are properly lubricated and that there is no debris or sedimentary buildup.
Your garage door is a large piece of hardware, averaging 200 pounds, which must be treated with respect. Always keep your garage doors on the straight and narrow to ensure your and your family’s safety and comfort for years to come.


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