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Gate Repair

Electric Black Gate RepairWA Garage Doors and Gates are specialized in gate repair, especially if it’s electrical shortages from rainfall that is so frequent in the Seattle area.
Our team of technicians are on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We understand that accidents can happen any time of day, and we are prepared to respond to your emergency on short notice.
Servicing the city of Seattle and surrounding areas since 1985, trust WA Garage Doors and Gates to handle your gate repair needs with professionalism and at competitive pricing to protect your investment.

Common Problems That Require Gate Repair
As the first line of defense to your family’s privacy and security, and as the introductory aesthetic to your property, it is imperative that your gate is functioning properly at all times, especially in a city like Bellevue with a crime rate higher than 59% of all other cities in Washington. But sometimes, accidents can happen, and gates can malfunction.
Whether from bad weather or accidental bump-in by a vehicle, gates can break down for any number of reasons, and those causes range from mechanical, to electrical for automatic gates. A well-trained professional can inspect and diagnose the issue surrounding your gate problem. A thorough examination by a licensed technician will help to identify any one or more potential causes by taking the following steps:

  1. First, check switches to rule out human error. Commands or switches that have been set to keep the gate open at all times by someone without the foreknowledge of others within the household may cause for unnecessary concern.
  2. If your gate system runs on sensors, investigate detectors and sensors to make sure they are clean. If they are not, they may not be able to detect objects and thus may not allow the gate to function properly.
  3. Test the battery for functionality. If you have an older gate system, it may be time for a battery replacement.
  4. Examine the structure to see if the issue behind the broken driveway gate is of a mechanical nature. The first step is determining if there are warped or damaged parts or other obstructions keeping the driveway gate from opening and closing.
  5. In the case of a slide gate, a broken chain or warped track could be the source of your gate’s ills. For swing gates, you might find damages in the arms or hinges. These issues can be easily fixed by a professional.

Once any mechanical malfunctions have been ruled out, the technician will move onto searching for any electrical failures that may be at the root of the trouble. This includes control systems and other devices such as the gate opener.
Sometimes it can be something as simple as a bad relay command at the power source that can be remedied by resetting the gate control with the flip of a switch. In slightly more complicated cases, one may run into a faulty wiring issue or find that a relay motor has stopped working.
In any of these cases, once a cause for operational failure has been determined, familiarize yourself with your warranty and check to see if you are covered for repairs.
If your warranty has expired, it is best that you seek a professional with experience and a verifiable reputation to help with your driveway gate repair, as even the smallest of problems could be a daunting and potentially dangerous task for the inexperienced. Attempting to fix the problem on your own is certainly not recommended.

Gate Maintenance Tips
Knowing when and how to manage your gate can prevent future repair needs down the road. Follow these easy tips to keep your gate functioning properly.

  • Slide Gates
    Black Sliding GateSlide gates require a bit of maintenance to ensure they continue running smoothly. It is important to stay on top of keeping the gate track clean and free of any debris that could potentially derail the gate while trying to open.
    This can be achieved by simply inspecting the track on a regular basis and removing any obstacles before they become a problem. There is also the option to buy brushes that automatically sweep the track clean when opening the gate.
  • Swing Gates
    Gate Repair Technicians Swing gates are great when it comes to maintenance, as they are usually worry-free. They have fewer parts – usually just hinges – as opposed to wheels and tracks for slide gates, and this convenience makes for less potential of costly repairs down the road. There is even less maintenance required if it is a manual gate.

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