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Going Green in Your Garage

Date publish June 24, 2014 in category Garage Doors Repair
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There is no doubt about it – hybrid cars, required recycling, and solar panels all mean one thing – this “going green” phase is here to stay! With global warming on the rise and landfills bursting to the brim, it is more common now more than ever to factor your effect on the planet when making any decision, and purchasing a new garage door is no different. WA Garage Doors and Gates is committed to doing its best to preserve the environment, and suggests its Seattle customers contemplate an eco-friendly garage door.

What is an eco-friendly garage door?

  • Made from recycled or recyclable materials.
  • Resistant to weather damage and aging.
  • Insulates your home.

The resistance to weather damage alone should be enough for the people of Kent to demand an eco-friendly garage door!

But what are the other benefits of an eco-friendly garage door?

  • Improved insulation decreases energy usage.
  • Less repairs and maintenance than older garage doors due to building materials that won’t warp or rot.
  • Saving the planet!

Once you’ve chosen to move forward with your eco-friendly garage door purchase, the next step is actually finding one. The internet is a great source for just about anything, but it’s probably best to limit your search to Seattle and Washington-based companies so as not to drive up shipping costs. But no matter what style of door you choose, whether it be eco-friendly or not, WA Garage Doors and Gates professional and experienced technicians will arrive quickly on the scene to inspect the garage door for proper quality, and then do the honors of installing your home’s newest accessory.

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