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Increasing Your Property Value

Date publish June 27, 2014 in category Garage Doors Repair
Increasing Property Value New Gate Blog 5

If you’re looking to sell your Seattle or King County home, increasing the property value is probably high on your priority list. Many homeowners will tackle the obvious solutions like remodeling their kitchen or replacing old carpets, but these answers can be timely and expensive. A new gate from WA Garage Gates and Doors will not only provide your home extra security, it will also add aesthetic significance and increase your property value in a cost-effective way.

How does a new gate increase my property value?

  • Security and Safety

Crime is a huge problem in Seattle and across the United States. An installed gate has proven many times over to reduce property crimes and ward off intruders.

  • Illusion of Exclusivity

Privacy is a huge plus for potential buyers. Adding an automatic gate opener or installing access control gives the power of who enters the property to the new homeowner.

  • Aesthetic Value

When it comes down to the bottom line, potential buyers want a home that looks nice. A new gate will compliment your yard and definitely attract the highest price.

Selling your home at a good price only comes after putting in the hard work to ensure your residence is attractive and functional. While it may seem like an impossible and daunting task, increasing your property value is definitely possible. Let WA Garage Doors and Gates raise the value of your Seattle home by installing a new gate that provides security and safety, enhances privacy, and adds aesthetic value.

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