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Malfunctioning Garage Door

Broken garage Door- SeattleIf you live in the King County or Pierce County area and find that your automatic garage door has started to malfunction, act fast and contact WA Garage Doors and Gates for immediate response. Our team of garage door experts can get your repairs started quickly to minimize both damage and repair costs.
An automatic garage door is a dream to own, but a nightmare when it begins to break down. In Bellevue, where both the cost of living and housing index are much higher than the state and national averages, early detection of problems with your garage door is key to avoiding unnecessary or excessive repair costs down the line.

What is the Cause of My Malfunctioning Garage Door?
There could be many reasons your garage door is no longer operating properly. A complete and careful examination of your malfunctioning garage door and all parts by a licensed technician will help to identify the source of the problem more accurately, and get your garage door repaired more quickly. Follow these steps to diagnose the issue with your faulty garage door.


  1. Check the Track
    Garage Door Band TrackLook to make sure the track of your garage door is intact. A sure sign that there is an issue would be if you hear sounds of scraping, which would indicate that the garage door rollers are running too hard against the track. A simple alignment fix could remedy this issue.
    Neglecting to address this problem could lead to a warped track and more costly replacement down the road.
  2. Listen for the Squeak
    In addition to scraping sounds, squeaking is a sure sign of an aged garage door. A simple solution for this is regular lubrication of wheels, bearings and hinges. Your garage door should resume operation more smoothly.
  3. Check for Power
    You may have lost electricity to your garage door due to a tripped circuit breaker or a loose cord. Simply reset the power or replace the cable.
    However, if it is an electrical issue beyond these two easy fixes, contact a garage door repair specialist immediately. For your safety, these types of situations should not be approached as a do-it-yourself project.
  4. Spring Into Action
    Torsion springs do a major portion of the work for your garage door system. Daily stress upon opening and closing affects them the most, and wearing down is unavoidable.
    When the torsion springs can no longer function to their fullest potential, or bust completely, the tension and pressure they absorb can transfer to other parts of the garage door, which can cause further structure-wide damage if left unchecked.
  5. The Eye Test
    A common issue causing a malfunctioning garage door system are misaligned or faulty photo eyes, the sensors that detect obstructions while your garage door is operating with the use of an invisible detection beam.
    They may become misaligned from accidental bumping, or due to vibrating from the opening and closing of the garage door over time. Simply realign them. If this does not work, the issue may be that your photo eyes are dirty, so giving a thorough cleaning may be just what you need.
  6. Garage Door Opener
    One possible reason for your garage door not functioning properly is a faulty garage door opener. If there is power to your opener, and it is still not functioning properly, your garage door opener may be damage. This damage could be either to the motor or belt. Depending on the case, replacement could be more cost-effective than repair.

Automatic Garage Door Troubleshooting
In the case of a malfunctioning automatic garage door, the problem can usually be traced back to a dying battery in the controller. Simply change the batteries to try to remedy the situation.
If this does not rectify the problem, check the switch hardwired to your garage door. If the door moves up and down, there could be an issue with either the sensor in your remote or the sensor in the motor that communicates with your controller. Make sure the lenses for both sensors are thoroughly cleaned.
If your automatic garage door does not respond to the interior switch, despite electricity running to the garage door area, you may be experiencing wiring problems.
To rule out any extensive issue, check the circuit breaker to see if the breaker for the garage door has been tripped or shorted. If this is the case, simply reset the breaker to the ON position or replace the burned out fuse in the breaker box.
If neither of these solutions work, contact either an electrician, a licensed garage door technician, or both to get your garage door back up and running as this is far too complicated and dangerous of an issue to try to fix on your own. Safety is always the most important aspect of any garage door repair job.

After you have discovered the problem behind your malfunctioning garage door, contact a professional who can help you review your options for replacement or repair.


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