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New Garage Doors Types and StylesWith years of experience since 1985, the WA Garage Doors and Gates team are licensed, insured and bonded. Our local professional garage door technicians in Seattle, WA can help you with selecting the perfect garage door for your residence or business, as well as installing the newest addition to your home.
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In Seattle, where a majority of homeowners said that buying a house with a garage is a must over a basement and even a big yard, it is safe to say that a new garage door installation is your best bet for a high-quality extension to the exterior of your house.
It has been said that “knowing is half the battle,” so becoming familiar with your options is the biggest step towards making the right decision on your new garage door installation.

How to Choose the Right New Garage Door?
Finding the perfect garage door is not as simple as it may seem, and this is a much more detailed task now than in years past when garage doors were hardly a priority among homeowners. These days, in cities like Bellevue where the average household size is growing to over 3 people, extra space is needed, and a new garage door installation may be just what the doctor ordered.
With a seemingly endless variety of new materials, designs and color schemes, choosing a garage door requires a great deal of time to commit to the selection process.
The importance of having a top-notch garage door is ever increasing, given its impact on property value. This is the perfect opportunity to place your personality on display for the world to see, so your new garage door should be as expressive as you are.
Thanks to the latest innovations in garage door design, you can customize your garage door to match each facet of your own style.
The following questions will help to serve as a buying guide to lead you in the right direction for the garage door that is best for you.

What Materials are Available for My New Garage Door?
There are a variety of materials to choose from for your new garage door. When homeowners are deciding on a garage door material, aesthetics tend to be a dominant factor. However, in Seattle neighborhoods such as Belltown, which experience a great deal of rainfall throughout the year, durability against the elements should take on a higher priority in your garage door search.
The four main material options for garage doors include:

  • Wood
    Wood Dual Garage DoorWith wood comes an air of class that cannot be beat. Its beautiful texture and appearance can be stained to your specific taste. However, in terms of durability, wood would be a risky in such a climate where rainfall is a frequent occurrence.


  • Steel
    Dual Garage Door_ Matirial- SteelWhen durability is key, you simply cannot go wrong with steel. This strength makes these types of garage doors a burglar’s worst enemy. Rusting can be a factor, however, if the steel has not been treated properly on the outside.


  • Aluminum
    New Aluminum Garage DoorAluminum garage doors have very few flaws as a garage door selection. They are lighter than steel, but are almost as dent-resistant and far more rust proof. The one drawback is that the higher quality of aluminum doors, the more costly.


  • Fiberglass
    Kirkland_Wa_Fiberglass_New_Garage_DoorFor those looking for a material with the aesthetic appeal of wood but with more ability to withstand moisture, fiberglass garage doors are a great choice. Also unlike wood, fiberglass does not warp.


What New Garage Door Styles Can I Select From?
Many styles and variations are available for garage door customization. You may wish to modernize your garage door to a more ‘now’ type of look, or keep a more traditional appearance for your garage door, which would fit in well with suburban parts of the Kirkland area. No matter your style, there is something for everyone.

  • Carriage House-Style
    Carriage house style garage doors combine the best of the past and present as they bring the classic prestigious look of wood together with the durability of insulated steel.
  • Contemporary
    The sleek look of contemporary garage doors complements modern architectural home designs, with designs available in all four of the main material options.
  • Raised Panel
    Traditional raised panel garage doors are a style that has stood the test of time, and only get better with new design options that keep them a viable option.

Seattle, WA New Garage Door Facts:
On the surface, garage doors may seem like a mere accessory to the home, but investing in a new garage door will bring more than meets the eye. Here are just a few benefits you can look forward to with a new garage door:

  • Curb appeal
  • Security for home, family and/or business
  • Weather protection
  • Increased property value
  • Reduced heating and cooling costs
  • Less maintenance

It is easy to overlook the importance of a quality garage door, but further inspection into the advantages of a new garage door investment reveals an asset that will prove priceless.

New Garage Door Tips
As seen above, there are quite a few guidelines to follow when choosing a new garage door. The most important guideline of all, however, is to do what is best for you. Different styles speak to different people, and there is something for everyone. Know what is most important to you and what you seek to get out of your new garage door.
A new garage door is a long-term investment, so making sure that you will be satisfied with your purchase is paramount. Once you have figured out what you are looking for, contact a professional and licensed garage door installer who can assist you in choosing your new garage.


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