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Panel Repair


For over 25 years, WA Garage Door and Gates has been proud to serve Seattle and the surrounding metropolitan area. When you notice a garage door panel is damaged or missing, a wave of negative emotions is bound to wash over you. Do not get stressed and start looking up DIY disaster recipes – WA Garage Door and Gates is available for your call 24/7, rain or shine (but mostly rain in Seattle), and WA Garage Door and Gates trained technicians will manage and detail the process on-site from beginning to end. From WA Garage Door and Gates licensed, bonded, and insured professionals, to WA Garage Door and Gates wide range of reliable and affordable services, WA Garage Door and Gates is the obvious choice to call for your garage door panel crisis.


Common threats that surround homes when a garage panel is missing or broken:


  • Crime & robbery.
  • Wildlife intrusion.
  • Embarrassment over home’s appearance.
  • Child endangerment.
  • Water and weather damage.


Any resident of Seattle can tell you that the security of their home is at the top of their priority list, even more so if there are children residing in the house. That moment when the streetlights flicker on and your garage door is not properly sealed is a heart-pounding one, experienced every day by people who live in Seattle and all across the US.


So how exactly is a missing panel repaired or replaced?


There are many factors that go into analyzing a broken panel, which is why it is important to leave the final decisions to the professionals.



All power supply to the door must be turned off and unplugged. Next, the springs are removed after opening the garage door, and then the door is secured so the panels can safely be removed.


  • Old Panels

Garage Door Repair KirklandIn order for panels to be repaired or replaced, they must first be removed. Garage panels are actually attached to not only one another, but to the track roller as well. Panels must then be detached and unscrewed to be removed.


  • New Panels

New Garage Door Panels KentIf the panel only requires little maintenance, the trained technicians at WA Garage Door and Gate will perform what they do best. If you’re in the market for a new panel, WA Garage Door and Gate has partnerships with hundreds of companies in the Seattle and Washington area, and will work hard to get you the best deal possible, as quickly as possible.


With strategic teams placed in almost every corner of the Seattle metropolis, WA Garage Door and Gates responds quickly to your garage door panel issues. A missing panel can add heaps of unwanted stress due to aesthetics, security issues, and even water damage.


Settled in an oceanic climate, Seattle is home to the largest amount of rainfall out of any U.S. city. What does this mean for the Kirkland-owner whose garage door has a broken or missing panel? To WA Garage Door and Gates, it means that not only is the security of the Kirkland residence at risk, but the contents of the garage are now subject to water damage, which can tarnish tools, seep into boxes, and even cause harm to vehicles.


So what does water damage actually do? It’s a destructive process that:


  • Rots wood.
  • Rusts steel.
  • De-laminates materials.
  • Increases risk of mold growth.
  • Damages furniture, upholstery, electronics, household appliances, and plumbing equipment.


Houses and residences are not the only buildings in Seattle that suffer when garage doors and gates malfunction. Businesses in Kent, WA rely on these appliances in order to complete their day-to-day tasks, and they need to know the service they receive is professional, timely, and reliable. That is why the friendly and skilled team of WA Garage Door and Gates has provided Seattle with prompt, quality service for over 25 years.


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