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Snapped Cable


A snapped garage door cable can be a big problem for a homeowner, so we recommend regular maintenance and repair by Seattle’s best and most experienced garage door professionals: WA Garage Doors and Gates. We have been operating in the Seattle area for over 25 years, and our expert technicians are licensed, bonded and insured. We are available to our customers 24/7, with local specialists available to do same day, on-site repairs using the latest equipment and techniques.
What Are Garage Door Cables?
Garage door cables are lengths of metal rope that lift your garage door. They work in conjunction with rotating metal drums to lift the heavy garage door day after day, and they are vital components to the garage door mechanism.
Why Do Cables Snap?
Washington Snapped CablesCables snap for a number of reasons. They are burdened with an incredible amount of force throughout their lifetime, and will eventually become compromised if they are not replaced at proper intervals.

  1. Overuse The most common cause of cables snapping is wear and tear. Much like torsion springs, cables engage the heavy weight of the garage door literally thousands of times a year. They are built to last for several years, and to open the garage door between 5,000-10,000 times over the cable’s lifetime. After they have reached their expected lifetime capacity, it is recommended that you replace the cable.
  2. Moisture Any moisture or rust that penetrates the cables can weaken them and negatively affect their lifespan, and it is recommended that you do everything in your power to prevent dampness from permeating. Be particularly mindful in the especially flood prone Bothell area. The higher than average rainfall and several waterways, including the Sammamish River, that run through Bothell, WA make moisture weakening even more of a danger.
  3. Damage If your cable sustains any damage from external factor, for example uneven wear and tear or even being hit by a car, its lifespan can be significantly shortened.
    A broken cable cannot be repaired. It must be replaced and it is highly recommended that you do NOT attempt this yourself! Contact WA Garage Doors trained professional to do the work for you.

What to do When Cables Snap?
Kirkland Snapped CablesIf your cables do indeed snap, it can be a pretty scary experience, particularly in unincorporated Spanaway, with its population of over 27,000 people. There are over 9,000 minors; 30% of the Spanaway population is below the age of 18. Cables snap quite violently and can cause rather serious damage to anything or anyone in the garage. Do not try to open or close your garage door, and do not linger in the garage after the cable snaps. This is a repair to leave to the professionals.
How Do I Know Cables Are About to Break?
The good news is cables give ample warning before they catastrophically snap in half. Garage door cables are like lengths of metal rope. They are made of smaller and thinner lengths of rope braided together. It is easy to tell if any of these lengths has been compromised because you will see evidence that individual wires have become frayed. Look for exposed ends that have become untangled from the larger rope. When you see these, do not panic, but know that your cables have become compromised and it is time for them to be replaced.
Dangers of DIY Repair
It is highly recommended that you leave this repair to trained professionals, because when the cables snap they create dangerous metal shrapnel. In addition to the repair being complex and dangerous, it is quite time consuming for the amateur technician.


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