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Spring Repair


WA Garage doors has been serving the Seattle area for the past 25 years and have replaced literally thousands of broken springs. Our local trained technicians are licensed, insured, and bonded, and are available for you 24/7 with special spring repair equipment in case your spring does indeed fail.
Garage door torsion springs are one of the vital pieces of hardware that operate your door. It is imperative that you have them fixed immediately whenever they are bent or broken, because operating a garage door with broken springs can cause irreparable damage to the unit and can be a danger to you and your family.
If you handle the problem quickly when a spring fails, you can avoid the expense and hassle of completely replacing your garage door.
There are many reasons that your garage door springs may fail.
Most Common Reasons for Spring Failure:

  1. WEAR AND TEAR: The springs are one of the door’s hardest working parts; lifting the door up and down an average 10,000 times over the lifetime of a spring. If you enter your garage door just once in the morning and once again in the evening, that is over 700 cycles per year for your springs to go through. It is much more common, however, to average 2,000-3,000 use cycles per year.
  2. POOR MAINTENANCE: It is vitally important that you take proper care of your garage door springs. It is inevitable that through years of use that they will eventually need to be replaced, but with proper maintenance you can greatly extend the lifetime of your spring- saving you time, money, and the hassle or even danger of a catastrophic spring failure.
  3. IMPROPER INSTALLATION: It is recommended for safety reasons that garage doors use two torsion springs; two shorter springs on each side rather than one long spring spanning the whole of the door. Using one very long spring is a cost saving maneuver that certain builders employ, but it is not recommended. Except on the smallest and lightest garage doors, it is vastly better to use two torsion springs to share the weight of the door. The use of one spring greatly increases the likelihood of a dangerous door failure.
  4. RUST: It makes sense that in the damp Tacoma area, where rain averages 39+ inches per year, rust would be a serious problem; unfortunately, any rust at all on your springs will dramatically shorten their lifespan. Rust corrodes and weakens the spring and creates additional friction on the spring’s coils. All you need to do to prevent rust buildup is spray the coils with WD-40 several times a year.

Simple maintenance tips to make your garage doors springs last longer

Garage Door Broken SpringsIt is highly recommended that you check the garage door balance several times a year, especially in the winter when most springs do fail, and rainfall north of Lakewood averages 6+ inches in the month of December alone. In order to check your door’s balance, lift the door up halfway and release it. If your springs are functioning as they should, the door will keep still. If the door moves, that means your springs are not functioning at their highest capacity and you should consider having them replaced.
Spring Repair TechnicianFour times a year, inspect the elements surrounding your garage door torsion springs. If any bolts or screws needs to be tightened, do so. If anything appears frayed, replace it or call WA Garage Doors for repair.
Seattle Broken SpringsAlways be careful when dealing with torsion springs: by law, torsion springs are identified by a red bolt, a red paint mark, or a safety tag.


By employing simple maintenance techniques and using WA Garage Doors professional spring repair technician when necessary, you can greatly increase the lifetime of your garage door springs and your entire garage door unit.
Remember, Seattle’s wet weather puts a lot of pressure on your garage door, all of which is borne by their torsion springs. If you take care of them, they will take care of you!


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